It’s not our usual modus operandi to blow our own trumpet, but when we saw the cover of a recent issue of Vogue Australia, admittedly, we were pretty chuffed.

Vogue – the authority on fashion and style trends – sported a stunning profile shot of former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham on their Aussie cover. This distinguished, luxe effect is achieved by printing the photograph on metallic silver paper stock with a supplementary white ink. The result, as you can see, is sublime.

So why the chest puff, you ask?

XYZ Media has been incorporating this novel printing technique – white ink on metallic silver paper stock, for several seasons now. Ahem, we believe the term is “trend-setters”.

In all seriousness, until recently this technique was expensive and only available for large runs. We can now cost effectively produce this stylish and attention-grabbing effect for short runs, uncompromised on quality.

If you’re interested in keeping your print and brand on trend and using unconventional and bespoke printing ideas and techniques, without breaking your production budget, contact XYZ Media.